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1. Parents will not make derogatory comments about the other parent, his or her family, caretaker, child, or child’s siblings.


2. Parent will not discuss the court case or possible outcomes with the child.


3. The child will not be used to gather information about the other party, or caretaker, or to transmit documents, information, or personal possessions.


4. Parents will not be under the influence or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during the visit.


5. Children will not be hit, spanked or threatened, or abused in any way.


6. All contact between the parent and the child will be within the providers hearing and sight at all times, and discussions will be audible to the provider.


7. Parents will follow any additional rules provided by the provider, or the court.


8. Only those parties named in the court order may be present at the visit.


9.  Changes in the schedule must be done one week prior to visitation as per court, parental and monitor agreement.


10.  There shall be no permanent alteration of the child (ren) during visitation without prior approval of the custodial parent. This includes, but is not limited to: haircuts, tattoos, body/ear piercings, etc.


11. Non-compliance with any rule, or challenging the supervised monitor, may lead to termination of services.


Refer to 2014 California Rules of court 5.20 for full list of parental guidelines.

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